Unlock your creativity with thread taps that don't screw around.

Design better knock down furniture and build more robust and versatile jigs for your shop. WW Thread Taps cut cleaner and faster than traditional thread taps and are specifically made for wood. You'll quickly find yourself tapping everything.

Tapping threads is a process usually reserved for the world of metals and plastics where a hole is drilled and a special cutter is used to create the appropriate threads. Did you know that wood is capable of being threaded as well? Just think about the possible applications for jigs, knock-down furniture, and hardware installations if you no longer have to rely on threaded inserts, tee nuts, and screws!

Wood Whisperer thread taps were designed with woodworkers in mind. They cut quickly and cleanly and the resulting threads are strong enough for many applications. 

  • Taps designed for woodworkers by woodworkers
  • Designed exclusively for use in wood
  • Designed with a hex shank for use in a drill
  • Made from M2 Grade High Speed Steel
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • CAD-Designed for accurate dimensions
  • Three wide flutes for excellent chip ejection
  • Unique cutting face for clean cutting action
  • Two thread chamfer for immediate start

Thread Taps in Action

Andy Klein (the inventor)
The Wood Whisperer
Crafted Workshop
Izzy Swan
Andy Klein
Matt Cremona

Perfect taps, every time!


Good news! Thanks to all of the demand for metric, we now have a metric set available for pre-order. 

Not likely. A wooden screw with these dimensions and this type of thread structure wouldn’t be very strong, especially if you use a dowel as your starting material. So for now, it’s not in the plans. 


We believe it will. It’s usually not necessary on harder species of wood but if you apply thin CA glue to the threads, let it dry, then carefully cut the threads again, it should result in more durable threads (at least in theory). Where the CA Glue reinforcement really comes into play is when cutting threads in softer species of wood. 

Wood threads vary in strength depending on the depth of the hole and the species being used. So it's hard to say for certain. Andy did a strength test which you might want to check out. Ultimately, the threads are made of wood so you don't want to really crank down on any hardware you install. Snug will get the job done. 

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